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Holland-Dozier-Holland made the original recording of “Take Me in Your Arms” in 1964. This version was not released commercially until 2005. 1965 and her version was released that September. 50 on the Hot 100.

Doobies’ frontman, later recalled, “I had been a fan of that song since it came out somewhere in the ’60s. I just loved that song. So somewhere around ’72 I started lobbying to get the band to do a cover of that. And I didn’t get anywhere until ’75. Then finally in 1975 we actually did it. That song was like a dream come true for us. Every musician I’ve ever known has at some point wanted to achieve Motown’s technically slick soul sound – it’s so dynamic.

We sat down to try to duplicate it, and to see if our version could emerge as a successful single. Take Me in Your Arms” gave the Doobie Brothers their only chart hit in France, where it reached number 37. Harry Hinde, was arranged by the Motown veteran Tom Baird. The Charity Brown version reached number 5 in Canada in May 1975.

As this version descended the Canadian charts the Doobie Brothers’ version moved up to a number 30 peak, the success of Brown’s version evidently undercutting that of the Doobies’, although the two versions were quite dissimilar. Brown’s single was given a May 1975 release in the UK where it failed to chart. Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin: Record Research Inc. How Deep Is the Ocean?

This page was last edited on 3 January 2018, at 18:03. Flag of the United Kingdom. Flag of the German Empire. Fighting along the front displaced much of the civilian population, of which several thousand died from malnutrition and illness in Italian and Austrian refugee camps. Austria-Hungary ended the military operations. Italy did not declare war in August 1914, arguing that the Alliance was defensive in nature and therefore Austria-Hungary’s aggression did not obligate Italy to take part.

Moreover, Austria-Hungary omitted to consult Italy before sending the ultimatum to Serbia and refused to discuss compensation due according to the art. Italy, attempting to secure Italian participation on the Allied side. 26 April 1915, in which Italy renounced her obligations to the Triple Alliance. On February 16, 1915, despite concurrent negotiations with Austria, a courier was dispatched in great secrecy to London with the suggestion that Italy was open to a good offer from the Entente.

The final choice was aided by the arrival of news in March of Russian victories in the Carpathians. Salandra began to think that victory for the Entente was in sight, and was so anxious not to arrive too late for a share in the profits that he instructed his envoy in London to drop some demands and reach agreement quickly. The Treaty of London was concluded on April 26 binding Italy to fight within one month. Not until May 4 did Salandra denounce the Triple Alliance in a private note to its signatories. On 23 May, Italy declared war on Austria-Hungary.

Italian military suffered equipment and munition shortages not yet repaired before Italian entry into the Great War. Italians initially outnumbered their opponents three-to-one. Because the Austrian forces occupied higher ground, Italians conducted difficult offensives while climbing. The Italian forces therefore failed to drive much beyond the river, and the battle ended on 7 July 1915.