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Should the parolee have legal dependents, namely minor children, they are also required to show cause of being a dedicated caregiver. He developed a plan to prepare them for eventual return to society that involved three grades. The first two consisted of promotions earned through good behaviour, labour, and study. The third grade in the system involved conditional liberty advance licence procedure pdf of prison while obeying rules.

A violation would return them to prison and they would start all over again through the ranks of the three-grade process. Parole is an option for most prisoners. However, parole is not guaranteed, particularly for prisoners serving life or indeterminate sentences. In cases of first-degree murder, one can apply for parole after 25 years if convicted of a single murder.

25 years and, in rare cases, beyond a normal life-span. Occasionally, medical parole is used as a no-publicity way of releasing an accidentally imprisoned convict. The Chinese legal code has no explicit provision for exile, but often dissidents are released on the grounds that they need to be treated for a medical condition in another country, and with the understanding that they will be reincarcerated if they return to China. Until 2001, parole in Israel was possible only after the prisoner had served two thirds of their sentence. The law was originally intended to help ease overcrowding in prisons.