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Serving Fairfield County, Connecticut for over 20 years. Why a Total Home Inspection? What is a Total Home Inspection? Planning to Sell Your Property? Few transactions in your life will be as consequential as the purchase or sale of real property. You may be about to make one of the most important decisions in your life.

Whether as a primary residence or vacation nest, the house and land you buy are more than places you live — they are assets. As with any other important decision, it is essential to learn as much as possible about that property before committing valuable resources, energy and time. The efforts made in during this due diligence will reap rewards long after the transaction has — or has not — taken place. Our comprehensive approach to home inspection will help to ensure that you are as informed as you can be about the true condition of the property in question. Instead of the stress, emotion and uncertainty that naturally accompany a decision of this magnitude, you’ll feel confidence — confidence that your home inspection was the best the industry has to offer, and confidence that you are making your decision with your eyes wide open. With the principles of integrity, professionalism and service — and an abiding respect for the trust our clients place in us — Total Home Inspection serves discriminating buyers and sellers of residential real estate in Fairfield County. To inform and educate our clients about the true condition of real property, so that the decision to buy or sell is made with maximum awareness and the highest possible level of confidence.

Total Home Inspection has conducted thousands of thorough residential inspections, and for each of our clients, we provide objective and detailed reports, written in an easy-to-read narrative format. But our affiliation with these most respected organizations goes beyond mere membership. Anyone with a license, flashlight, and business card can call himself a home inspector. After all, there are few transactions more important, more costly, or more lasting than the purchase or sale of real property. Formed in 1976 as a not-for-profit organization to build public awareness of home inspection and to enhance the technical and professional performance of home inspectors, ASHI is the oldest and most respected professional association of home inspectors in North America. Only inspectors who fulfil these requirements can display the ASHI symbol. Their professionalism assures buyers, sellers, brokers and agents that they will provide a thorough, unbiased, written disclosure on the real property in question prior to closing.

Take the time to interview your inspector. Get to know about their background, qualifications and whether or not they are a member of ASHI. The effort you make in selecting the inspector of your real property or prospective real property will pay dividends for years to come. As a consumer and homebuyer you have the right to know exactly what a Total Home Inspection is. The information presented here is intended to give you a better understanding and guideline of exactly what your Total Home Inspector will and will not do for you during the course of an inspection. First and foremost, a Total Home Inspection is a primarily visual survey of those accessible areas that our inspector can see.