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PhD, Michigan State University, scholar, motivational speaker, management consultant, Prof at Rector-University of Management and Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. Retrieved on 13 July 2014. Blending Real With Virtual”, Qatar Tribune, Doha, Qatar, May, 2009. Retrieved September 11, 2013, from movies. This page was last edited on 7 January 2018, at 19:02. Tamerlane”, “Tamerlan”, and “Taimur” redirect here.

Timur’s background was Iranized and not steppe nomadic. From these conquests he founded the Timurid Empire, but this empire fragmented shortly after his death. He justified his Iranian, Mamluk, and Ottoman campaigns as a re-imposition of legitimate Mongol control over lands taken by usurpers. To legitimize his conquests, Timur relied on Islamic symbols and language, referred to himself as the “Sword of Islam”, and patronized educational and religious institutions.

Temur, a non-Chinggisid, tried to build a double legitimacy based on his role as both guardian and restorer of the Mongol Empire. South Asia for over three centuries, from 1526 until 1857. Genghis Khan’s conquests during his lifetime. Later Timurid dynastic histories claim that he was born on April 8, 1336, but most sources from his lifetime give ages that are consistent with a birthdate in the late 1320s.

At the age of eight or nine, Timur and his mother and brothers were carried as prisoners to Samarkand by an invading Mongol army. In his childhood, Timur and a small band of followers raided travelers for goods, especially animals such as sheep, horses, and cattle. In around 1363, it is believed that Timur tried to steal a sheep from a shepherd but was shot by two arrows, one in his right leg and another in his right hand, where he lost two fingers. Both injuries crippled him for life.