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This article is about the urban area. Tāmaki with a hundred lovers”, in reference to the desirability of its fertile land at the hub of waterways in all directions. Auckland is one of the few cities in the world to have a harbour on each of two separate major bodies of water. The isthmus on which Auckland resides was first settled around 1350 and was valued for its rich and fertile land.

20,000 before the arrival of Europeans. It was replaced as the capital in 1865, but immigration to the new city stayed strong, and it has remained the country’s most populous urban area. 1883, is the largest university in New Zealand. 1350, and was valued for its rich and fertile land. The Māori population in the area is estimated to have been about 20,000 before the arrival of Europeans. As a result, the region had relatively low numbers of Māori when European settlement of New Zealand began.

However, there is nothing to suggest that this was the result of a deliberate European policy. Sydney, bought land including the site of the modern city of Auckland, the North Shore, and part of Rodney District for “one large cask of powder” from “Cohi Rangatira”. Bay of Islands was completed in 1842. Wellington became the capital in 1865. 1840s, the government encouraged retired but fit British soldiers and their families to migrate to Auckland to form a defence line around the port settlement as garrison soldiers. 1848, the rebels in the north had been defeated. 12,000 Imperial soldiers stationed there led to a strong boost to local commerce.

The majority of settlers in the early period were assisted by receiving cheap passage to New Zealand. Trams and railway lines shaped Auckland’s rapid expansion in the early first half of the 20th century. However, after the Second World War the city’s transport system and urban form became increasingly dominated by the motor vehicle. Arterial roads and motorways became both defining and geographically dividing features of the urban landscape.