Boy were we wrong about dinosaurs pdf

The boy were we wrong about dinosaurs pdf were originally aired out of production order. Earl tells Baby the events surrounding his birth.

Earl realizes that he can’t afford to buy the simplest of pleasures for his family, which leads him to ask boss Richfield for a raise, with disastrous results. Earl’s new supervisor at WESAYSO Development Corp. Earl shoulders household duties for a weekend, sending exhausted Fran to her mother’s for a little rest and relaxation. When she returns to a frazzled Earl, singed baby and demolished household, Earl discovers that Fran’s unhappiness does not stem from the kids—it’s him! At Roy’s suggestion, Earl takes a refresher course in the Mating Dance, attempting to once again woo and win his wife. Earl is excited to throw Ethyl into the tar pits on her 72nd birthday, an old dinosaur tradition.

The day before the hurling, though, Robbie decides that it is the tradition and not his grandmother that should be hurled. Fran in the frozen food section of the supermarket. Earl must decide whether or not to fight for what belongs to him, or to follow the law of the jungle and run like nuts. When male dinosaurs turn 15, they go through a rite-of-passage known as “The Howling”, during which the youngsters join the adults on top of the mountain to howl at the new moon. Robbie does not see the point, and rebels.

This sets off a chain of events, including the dissolution of Earl and Roy’s friendship, which causes Robbie to understand that rituals that get dismissed as superstition are actually designed to protect the tribe. Robbie gains a new appreciation for being a dinosaur. Baby, unappreciated by Earl inexplicably grows a golden horn from his forehead. Baby becomes a cult object and Earl is a celebrity by association. The horn eventually comes off, but Earl comes to appreciate the treasure that his baby is all by himself. Fran demands her family to spend more time together and, in order to get their attention, she wrecks the TV. When a meteor crashes through the roof of their home breaking their other TV set, Earl leads the family to try their luck as game show participants where the first prize is a new TV.

They study their history, but by time they appear on the show, all of the categories have to do with the latest television events. When Robbie is eaten by an enormous swamp monster, Earl is forced to reconsider his philosophy. When Earl, too, is eaten, the father and son continue their argument inside the belly of the beast. Charlene is despondent because she is the last girl in the eighth grade to grow a tail.

Her outlook miraculously changes when her tail appears overnight. Earl’s awareness of his little girl’s budding womanhood drives him to distraction, but reassurance from Charlene that she will always be her daddy’s little girl cheers him up. Graptolites are the sweetest tasting, most adorable little animals, who are also quickly disappearing from the earth. Earl has got a pair, and everyone else wants them, particularly Richfield. He finds they are the very last pair and soon father and son are at each other’s throats over the fate of the Graptolites. Richfield institutes an Employee Suggestion Box, which has Earl and Roy racking their brains in an effort to impress the boss.

At Earl’s suggestion, the employee coming up with the best suggestion each month will receive dinner with Richfield and their name on a plaque—with Earl named the first “Employee of the Month”. Earl’s big moment is somewhat tarnished, though, when Richfield does not show up for dinner. Charlene is left to babysit Baby Sinclair, who is teething, while Fran and Earl go out for a nice romantic dinner. Fran gives into temptation to call home, but no one answers: the children have been kidnapped by food that has been left in the refrigerator for too long and gone bad.

Charlene must use her wits to foil the food before Fran and Earl get home. Robbie is assigned Tree Pusher as his life’s vocation by the all-powerful The Job Wizard. In the process of showing an unenthusiastic Robbie how wonderful a job Tree Pusher is, Earl comes to realize instead how pointless his own life actually is, and retires to bed unable to move. When Robbie has to replace Earl at the worksite, he gets into trouble and Earl must rally to rescue his son. Earl and Fran’s marriage license expires.

When Earl bungles the renewal test by displaying complete ignorance of the details of his marriage, Fran considers not picking up Earl’s option. Fran that the single life has possibilities. Robbie finds not nearly as unbearable as the discovery that Spike, having refined his flirtatious technique, is dating the girl of Robbie’s dreams. Planning for Baby’s first birthday, the Sinclairs discover evidence that their baby may have been switched with another baby while still an egg. Earl is tantalized by the notion that there is a polite, well-behaved baby out there somewhere who might be his son. The happiest holiday in Pangaea is approaching and Earl overspends on presents for the family. When the traditional WESAYSO bonus fails to come through for Earl, the family is placed in financial jeopardy.