Car alternator wiring diagram pdf

External Wiring with a V3. Note: This wiring and sensors car alternator wiring diagram pdf has been written primarily for the V2. In this section we will cover the requirements for these components.

This wiring diagram is for those creating their own harness for a V2. 0 main board has been designed with these functions in mind. As a result, five additional connections are made at the DB37 connector. You can connect them in any order. For troubleshooting ease, having each bank on a separate driver might help. However, you might want to separate them into alternates in the firing order, which some people have claimed is theoretically slightly beneficial. As an example, on V8s with bank fire systems, manufacturers typically run one bank off one driver, regardless of the firing order.

The advantage of doing it that way is it makes troubleshooting easier. Do not ground them at physically separated locations, and do not use a single fat wire for this. Instead run separate wires from the pins all the way to the ground spot. 19 is the sensor ground. 19 to reduce the potential for noise in the sensor signals. 2B goes to S4 on the 20-position terminal strip.