Craftsman gt 5000 manual pdf

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I don’t always agree with Consumer Reports. But this time I do. There is a lot to like about the 2015-2016 Craftsman Pro Series tractors. I don’t always agree with Consumer Reports.

How To Choose The Right ZTR! Do you really need a zero-turn mower? How To Pick The Best Tractor! Great cutting decks, industry leading Turn-Tight Extreme steering and a frame that is built on the strongest design. Update: Craftsman added four new models this year.

Check out the 28 pictures of the actual Craftsman Pro Series Tractors at the end of this article. Craftsman really did their homework with the Craftsman Pro series and blew everyone else out of the pool. I have spent considerable time researching these new mowers. Pouring over the specs, looking at the design and the talking with Craftsman. Every component is designed to work together and give you the best operator experience, the best dependability and the longest life possible. Yes, you can buy other brands with drive over or ground hugging decks but you can’t find any mower on the market that cuts better.

I am going to say this is the best Craftsman overall that I’ve seen in quite some time. I’m telling you this because I’ve done the research and this is one of the best Craftsman mowers in the last 15 years. I really like all the work that went into the design of these new mowers. The design is unique and Craftsman has exclusive features that are not just add-ons but integral parts of the entire tractor.

It has a great deck, the best engines and the fit and finish is what you expect and better than what you have seen with other brands. These new Craftsman Pro Series Tractors come in eight sizes: Click on the Link to see more at Sears. 42 inch Model 20438 Yard Tractor. 42 inch Model 20440 Yard Tractor. 46 inch Model 20442 Yard Tractor. 46 inch Model 20439 Yard Tractor with power steering.

54 inch Model 20444 Yard Tractor. 50 inch Model 20443 Yard Tractor. 54 inch Model 20445 Garden Tractor. 54 inch Model 20447 Garden Tractor with Power Steering. For 2015 Consumer Reports gave the 46 inch Model 20442 their best overall rating for Lawn Tractors Class. 2000 lawn tractors but this lawn tractor rated better than tractors costing twice as much. Craftsman really did their homework with this model and blew everyone else out of the pool.