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Difference between essay and report pdf forward this error screen to 198. How to Tell the Difference Between Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes.

Prokaryotes and eukaryotes are terms used to define types of organisms. The main difference between the two is the presence of a “true” nucleus: eukaryotes have one, while prokaryotes do not. Although this is the most easily recognizable difference, there are other important distinctions between the two organisms that can be seen under a microscope. Specimen slides of prokaryotes and eukaryotes can be obtained from biological supply companies. If you are in school, ask your science teacher if they have access to slides.

Some microscopes will have stage clips that allow you to secure the slide in place to prevent movement during focusing and viewing. If there are clips on the stage, gently push the slide underneath to secure in place. If no clips are provided, place the slide directly under objective. Be careful when pushing slides underneath the clips. Too much force can damage the slide. You may have to move the slide while looking through the eyepiece to find the desired area of the specimen. Ensure the microscope is on the lowest magnification.