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The red dragon Flame strikes a menacing pose while standing guard over a substantial treasure hoard in his cavern lair. 1986 as dungeon magazine pdf archive bimonthly periodical. It went monthly in May 2003 and ceased print publication altogether in September 2007 with Issue 150.

Lacking a title at that point, it was described as “a new magazine filled entirely with modules” made available “by subscription only” that would debut “in the late summer or early fall” of 1986 and “come out once every two months. What kind of adventures do you want to see? Rolston commented on the anthology format, which allowed writers to “publish fine little bits” and provided “great training grounds for new writers” that offered “an opportunity to experiment with offbeat themes and tones”. Rolston concluded that “sophisticated gamers will find a lot to snicker at here, but there are some cute ideas”, and added that the “writing ranges from young and enthusiastic to polished, and when compared with some of TSR’s current modulesthe quality of the layout and graphics is quite decent. 1997, and the company printed the next 30 issues. By moving to an online model we are using a delivery system that broadens our reach to fans around the world.