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We promise to never spam you. Jane austen book club poster. As they delve into Austen’s literature, the club members find themselves dealing with life experiences that parallel the themes of the books they are reading. French teacher in her mid-20s, at a Jane Austen film festival. Her idea is to have six members discuss all of Austen’s six novels, with each member hosting the group once a month. Jocelyn with the hope he and Sylvia will prove to be a compatible match.

As the months pass, each of the members develops characteristics similar to those of Austen’s characters and reacts to events in their lives in much the same way their fictional counterparts would. Bernadette is the matriarch figure who longs to see everyone find happiness. Sylvia clings to her belief in steadfast love and devotion and eventually reconciles with Daniel. Jocelyn denies her own feelings for Grigg while playing matchmaker for him and Sylvia. Prudie, encumbered with her inattentive husband Dean and a free-spirited, pot-smoking, aging hippie mother, a product of the 1960s counterculture, finds herself desperately trying not to succumb to her feelings for her seductive student Trey. Allegra, who tends to meet her lovers while engaging in death-defying activities, feels betrayed when she discovers her current partner, aspiring writer Corinne, has used Allegra’s life as the basis for her short stories.

He also serves as the comedic foil to Jocelyn’s and Prudie’s very serious takes on the books. The last meeting is held at the beach. Daniel wants to join the book club and is let in by Sylvia. Grigg brings his elder sister Cat Harris, who persuades Jocelyn to take a chance on Grigg because he loves her. Jocelyn finally reads the books Grigg gave to her and is surprised to find that she loves them and can’t put them down. She drives over to Grigg’s house but realises it’s still very early and dozes off in her car.

When Grigg comes out of his house, he sees Jocelyn’s car and knocks on her window. Jocelyn finally gives in to her feelings and they both passionately kiss. One year later, the book club meets at Sylvia’s library charity dinner. Bernadette has remarried for the seventh time. Robin Swicord explains how each of the six book club members is based on a character in one of Austen’s novels.