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Easily download and save what you find. Battle of the Parties and as the Siege of Madinah. Since this sura is a Madinan sura, it also contains instructions regarding treatment of the Prophet and his wives and warns the hypocrites of their bad behavior. According to some scholars, Medinan verses are concerned with the legal matters in Islamic society. These suras generally contain rules and regulations for the believers to follow. This perhaps suggests their elevated standing with the community and in the later verses, these women are described as “unlike any other. God will test even the sincerity of the prophets.

The beginning of the sura seems to be concerned with truthfulness. Truthfulness and trust seem to be emphasized for believers and Muhammad since he was dealing with hypocrites and betrayers in Medina, who spread lies, deserted the army during the battle, or supported the attackers. The believers are those who remain steadfast in their belief and courage whereas the hypocrites try to run for safety, abandon the Muslim army, and doubt God and Prophet Muhammad. The prophet’s wives are called the Mothers of the Believers and thus have to follow certain rules and regulations as women who are “unlike other women. As such, some scholars have suggested that these rules apply exclusively to only Prophet’s wives.

Some scholars take these verses to mean equal worth of women and men and thus reject claims that women are inferior to men. God needs to be trusted, obeyed, and glorified. Muhammad when visiting him and his household. Other scholars believe that “adna al-jilbab” means ‘make it hang low’ rather than wrap around and thus do not support the assertion that women must cover their heads. God will take with the disbelievers and believers and will direct Muhammad to take against the hypocrites. The last verse ends with the proclamation that God will punish both hypocrites and idolaters, whether they are men and women, and reward the believers of both genders.