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Please forward this error general knowledge by manohar pandey pdf free download to sharedip-1666210142. How to prepare Anthropology for UPSC?

What are the advantages of anthropology optional subject in UPSC civil service exam? Role of NGO, Pressure Grp. Anthropology Study-plan and Booklist by Dr. This article, is a compilation of gems given by Dr. At present, He is an IAS officer in Tamilnadu cadre. Anthropology but unfortunately it seems they’ve not uploaded the PDF material on www. History, Sociology and Public Administration.

It’s advisable to start anthro preparation as early as possible after the upsc preliminary examination and with focussed, systematic study one can complete the subject by end of august. Just keep glancing at it when u feel bored with other stuff thats more than enough. Do not waste time trying to cram it line by line. There is a physical anthro book by r. Most of my flow charts are result of my own thoughts- i just make a pictographic representation of the whole broad concept,didnt refer anywhere for it. I finished the whole thing in 4 months. Try attempting physical anthro based and theory based questions as much as possible.

Try to make good notes for theories and misc part as good material is not available in market. It’s more catchy and provides more information,saves examiner’s time also- if he finds your diagram to be very good, he’l be more inclined to like your description too. So as far as physical anthro is concerned, neat diagrams will definitely give us an edge over others. Its easier to draw diagrams and then explain.

Just read the theory part then spend 5 mins for looking at the diagram, then try and do a rough sketch. That too its only when you read the physical part. It also shows that you know the concept better. Nobody will reduce your marks for not drawing, but you are bound to get more if u give neat sketches. So if you want really high scores then you have to pay attention to it.

Question : Is it required to draw skeletons and dentition for questions on neanderthals, australopithecines etc? Diagrams will definitely fetch you more marks. I decided to take anthropology just before upsc preliminary examination results were out in august 2010. It was already too late, i had two months time to prepare, that too without coaching. I regret that i started it so late. The bottom-line is that if you find the subject interesting and have right aptitude, you can prepare it from scratch even if you’ve a non life-science background.

Drawing is not a matter of concern as there are only a few drawings to be prepared which can be practiced over time. And its effect on physical and cultural evolution. All that can be managed, provided you have sufficient time and willing to put efforts. Syllabus should done in this sequence to understand the topics in better manner and in lesser time. Buy online pay on Delivery! Get notified whenever I post new article! Sir How can I get the study materials for Anthropology in hindi language.