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Hudson withdrew shortly before filming began, however, and the film was placed in hiatus until the hire of Webber, who re-initiated the casting process. Critics generally applauded the film’s visuals and performances while questioning elements of its story. Griet works hard, almost wordlessly, in the lowest position in a harsh hierarchy, doing her best despite spiteful treatment by one of Vermeer’s children. Griet and falls in love with her, even though she is slow to return his affections. Vermeer gives her lessons in mixing paints and other tasks, taking care to keep this secret from his wife, who would react with anger and jealousy if she found out that her husband was spending time with Griet.

Griet as useful to Vermeer’s career. Griet on a visit to the Vermeer household and asks the painter if he will give her up to work in his own house, a situation which ruined his former girl-maid. Vermeer refuses, but agrees to paint for Van- Ruijven a portrait of Griet . As Vermeer secretly works on the eponymous painting, Catharina cannot help but notice something is amiss and her growing jealousy of Griet becomes apparent. As Griet deals with her growing fascination with Vermeer and his talent, she has to fend off Van Ruijven’s attempt to rape her.

Later, when Catharina is out for the day, her mother hands Griet her daughter’s pearl earrings, and asks Vermeer to finish the painting. At the final painting session Vermeer pierces Griet’s left earlobe so she can wear one of the earrings for the portrait. Griet then runs to Pieter to be consoled. They caress and make love in a barn, where Pieter proposes marriage, but unexpectedly leaves, whereas she then returns the earrings to Catharina’s mother. Catharina discovers that Griet used her earrings, accuses her mother of complicity, and asks Vermeer to show her the Griet portrait. Catharina tries but fails to destroy the painting.

She further banishes Griet from the house forever, to which Vermeer does not object, and let Griet leave. Later, Griet is visited by Vermeer’s house cook, who comes bearing her a gift: the blue headscarf she wore in the painting, wrapped around Catharina’s pearl earrings. The novel had not yet become a best-seller, but several groups were beginning to show interest. Hetreed loved the character of Griet and ” her determination to be free in a world where that was almost impossible for a girl from her background. Chevalier agreed, believing that a British studio would help resist Hollywood’s urge ” to sex up the film. She stipulated that their adaptation avoid having the main characters consummate their relationship.

Paterson and Tucker promised to ” replicate the ’emotional truth’ of the story ,” and Chevalier did not seek to retain control during the film’s creative process, though she briefly considered adapting it herself. Hetreed worked closely with Tucker and Webber to adapt the book, explaining that ” working with them on drafts helped me to concentrate on what the film would be, rather than how beautifully I could make a line work. Her first draft was closest to the source material and it slowly ” developed its own character ” through rewrites. She avoided using a voiceover, which was present in the novel, ” partly because it would make it very literary. Griet views it alone immediately after him and enjoys the lasting warmth and scent he leaves.

The novel maximises the few known facts of Vermeer’s life, which Hetreed described as ” little pillars sticking up out of the dust of history. Hetreed stayed in close contact with Chevalier, and the two became so close near the end of the production that they presented a Master class together on screenwriting. In September 2001, however, Hudson pulled out four weeks before filming began, officially due to “creative differences”. Vermeer’s work and began discussing it.