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This is a good article. Follow the link for more information. It takes place in the 26th century across several halo the fall of reach pdf and locations. The novel was written in seven weeks, Nylund’s shortest writing deadline.

The book was well received by critics who thought it added depth to the plot of the game but the large number of characters was highlighted as a shortcoming. The book itself was re-released on December 7, 2010 after the comic book adaptation, and contained new content as well as updating both editing mistakes and minor continuity errors. A seven-week deadline was established for Nylund to write the book. According to Trautmann, the book was nearly cancelled because Bungie was opposed to the idea of the Master Chief having a definite backstory.

2517 describing events up to 2552. Franklin Mendez is the trainer of the Spartan II and Spartan III programs, teaching them their physical combat skills while an AI named Déjà teaches them military history and strategy. Master Chief’s AI companion through much of the series, is also present as Dr. Halsey’s aide in the lead-up to the Spartans’ mission. The novel opens with the civilian Dr.

Catherine Halsey and Lieutenant Jacob Keyes traveling to meet John, a six-year-old boy. Seventy-five of the children are kidnapped by operatives of the Office of Naval Intelligence and replaced by clones engineered to die of natural causes shortly thereafter. From this point on, the recruits are known only by their first name and a three digit number. John demonstrates leadership of his fellow Spartans leading to his promotion to squad leader. In 2525, the Spartans undergo a series of surgical enhancements which turn them into highly efficient super soldiers – but more than half of the original 75 conscripts are paralysed or killed.

The Spartans are also equipped with powerful MJOLNIR battle armor, designed to respond as quickly as the soldier’s thoughts. Mendez leaves the group to train the next generation of Spartans as John and his comrades first face the Covenant. By 2552, the war against the Covenant is going poorly. The technological superiority of the Covenant means that space battles heavily favor the Covenant, and the UNSC can only win engagements by suffering tremendous losses. Earth or any other population center and mandates the destruction of a ship before it can be captured by the Covenant. Keyes the rank of Captain.