Hepatotoxic drugs list pdf

This hepatotoxic drugs list pdf is about the class of chemical compounds. Some synthetic compounds of similar structure are also termed alkaloids.

The boundary between alkaloids and other nitrogen-containing natural compounds is not clear-cut. Some authors, however, consider alkaloids a special case of amines. The article that introduced the concept of “alkaloid”. There is no unique method of naming alkaloids. Many individual names are formed by adding the suffix “ine” to the species or genus name.

If several alkaloids are extracted from one plant then their names often contain suffixes “idine”, “anine”, “aline”, “inine” etc. Alkaloid-containing plants have been used by humans since ancient times for therapeutic and recreational purposes. Helen by the Egyptian queen, a drug bringing oblivion. It is believed that the gift was an opium-containing drug. Studies of alkaloids began in the 19th century. German and some other Central-European languages, this is still the name of the drug. 20th century, so that by 2008 more than 12,000 alkaloids had been identified.

Compared with most other classes of natural compounds, alkaloids are characterized by a great structural diversity and there is no uniform classification of alkaloids. This classification was justified by the lack of knowledge about the chemical structure of alkaloids and is now considered obsolete. Some alkaloids do not have the carbon skeleton characteristic of their group. Alkaloids and acids form salts of various strengths. Most alkaloids have a bitter taste or are poisonous when ingested.