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Geotur este prima revistă studențească din cadrul Facultății de Geografie din Cluj-Napoca, dedicată studenților de la Geografia Turismului și nu numai. Social and emotional learning nurtures self-awareness, the ability to identify our own feelings, as well as how our feelings and thoughts influence what we do. This table is for layout. Often young people do not know their strengths, or they are not yet able to articulate their interests and skills.

Helping youth identify and use their strengths is critical: It’s a way to motivate them to develop the skills they need to succeed. Help young people identify their sparks — their passions, interests, and dreams. Become a sparks champion, the person who supports people’s sparks and creates opportunities for practice. This web page describes Peter Benson’s concept of sparks. It includes a video of young people talking about their sparks as well as links to resources and research. This inspirational TED Talk features Peter Benson, former president of Minneapolis-based Search Institute, describing the power of sparks and the need for sparks champions.

The Thrive Foundation for Youth offers resources based on Peter Benson’s work, including background material, activities, lesson plans, and tips on how to help young people identify and build on their sparks. Youth work professionals can help young people understand themselves better by providing feedback on how they appear to learn best, or by inviting youth to assess their own learning styles and personality types. By understanding learning styles, professionals can tailor teaching strategies to accommodate differences in these styles. This handout briefly outlines the characteristics of different learning styles. This website contains resources, practice strategies, and an online assessment for adults that is also appropriate for adolescents. Interaction Talks is an online community resource site for teens, parents, caregivers, and teachers for all things related to teen health and well-being.

It contains an online personality test for youth based on the Myers-Briggs test. The VIA Institute on Character provides a character strength assessment for youth and adults. This handout summarizes pessimistic and optimistic thinking styles, as well as common thinking pitfalls. This narrated animation demonstrates common automatic, negative thoughts and thinking traps. Wellcast also offers a worksheet to help youth deal with automatic thoughts. This resource from the Anxiety Disorder Association of British Columbia helps youth understand different types of thinking traps. This web page from the Mental Health Foundation of Australia explores optimistic versus pessimistic thinking.