K1 visa application form pdf

90 days of entry, or k1 visa application form pdf the United States. In 2014, the Department of State issued a total of 35,925 “K1” visas to fiancées of U. Including derivative categories—mostly for children of fiancées—a total of 41,488 visas in the K category were issued. The K visa category was established in 1970, during U.

Vietnamese citizens who wished to marry a U. Vietnamese authorities and an immigrant visa from the U. Obtaining these documents was a time-consuming process and involved acquiring medical and police clearances for the Vietnamese citizen, and notarized Embassy certificates from the American. Many couples could not complete the process before the soldier had to depart for the U. When this happened, the Vietnamese citizen would be ineligible to receive a visitor visa to America as an intending immigrant. Immigrant visa numbers were also unavailable. In 1970, about 100 American-Vietnamese couples found themselves in this situation, resulting in considerable Congressional correspondence with the Embassy.

Immigrant visas are available for an American to marry his or her spouse in a foreign country and then petition the spouse to immigrate to the United States. However, in some cases a foreign citizen and an American citizen cannot legally marry in a foreign country, even though the marriage would have no legal impediments in the United States. For example, some countries require a parent’s permission to marry even for adults, or forbid marrying outside of one’s religion or ethnic group. Additionally, some couples prefer to have their wedding in the United States. It is in these circumstances such that a K-1 visa is especially useful. Before filing for a K-1 Visa a couple must have seen each other in person within 2 years prior to the filing.

It is important to collect evidence of having met in person prior to filing and include this evidence with the petition. Official instructions are available from the USCIS web site, or the US Department of State web site. After the petition has been received by USCIS and proper fees collected, it is typically scanned and the proper background checks are initiated. Once a visa petition has been received by USCIS a notice with a receipt number is provided to the filer. Once a visa petition has been approved or denied by the USCIS service center, a notice typically referred to as a NOA2 is sent to the petitioner notifying them of the approval or denial of the petition.

Approval of the petition does not ensure that the visa will be granted. The I-129F petition is valid for four months from the date of approval by USCIS. K-1 visa by completing Form DS-160, Nonimmigrant Visa Application, online. A consular officer may potentially extend the validity of the petition if it expires before visa processing is completed. Additionally income evidence is reviewed to insure that the petitioner meets the minimum income requirements. In some cases a co-sponsor can be used to meet this requirement.