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The process by which a testator’s Will is made legally valid is known as Execution of Will. A Will is a legal kr srinivasa iyengar pdf, signed in compliance with the various formalities covered by the legislation. It should be in written, however it may be either handwritten, or printed, or typed.

The testator must sign at the end of the Will. It must be witnessed by at least two persons present at the time of signing by the testator. We offer copyright registration right from your desktop click here for details. We provide fast, cost effective and Hassle free solution. Subscribe now and receive free articles and updates instantly. A person entitled to benefit from a trust.

One who benefuts from a will. A gift by will of property other than land. A document supplementary to a will. A person appointed by a will to administer the testator’s estate. A gift of personal property effected by will. The person to whom a legacy is given.