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View of metropolitan cathedral and church of St John the Baptist. Poland, making it the country’s ecclesiastical capital. Early Slavonic settlements on Lech Hill and Maiden Hill are dated to the 8th century. The ducal stronghold was founded just lonely planet poland pdf AD 940 on Lech Hill, and surrounded by some fortified suburbs and open settlements.

According to the Polish version of a legend, “Three brothers, Lech, Czech and Rus, were exploring the wilderness to find a place to settle. Suddenly they saw a hill with an old oak and an eagle on top. I will call it Gniezdno . The other brothers went further on to find a place for their people. Mieszko I might have moved the capital to Gniezno from PoznaƄ after his own and his realm’s baptism, but the actual move may have coincided with a growing German menace in the late 10th century and early 11th century. Gniezno was again the coronation site in 1295 and 1300. Thus, the Prussians retook it on 7 December 1794.