National anthem sheet music pdf

1813 national anthem sheet music pdf was used throughout the nineteenth century. It has been called “Himno Nacional Argentino” since it was published with that name in 1847.

French transcription for piano by Luis Messemaeckers, published in 1822. This is the oldest sheet music found of the Argentine national anthem outside of Argentina. It had lyrics by Esteban de Luca and music by Blas Parera. Cayetano Rodríguez, a Franciscan friar, wrote a text that was approved on 4 August.

The Catalan musician Blas Parera, music director of the local theater, set it to music and performed it for the first time with the orchestra he conducted on 1 November. On 6 March 1813 several poets were asked to submit lyrics. The poem by the lawyer Vicente López y Planes was unanimously considered the best. Parera was asked to compose a new musical setting around the same date. He must have finished the piece in a few days. If this episode is true, then Parera, contrary to certain misconceptions, wrote quickly and under no visible coercion.