Origami carambola instructions pdf

Milano una corteggiatrice di Paolo Crivellin. Video instructions on how to make a kusudama using a an origami carambola instructions pdf-to-make pentagonal flower. This is a perfect DIY Holiday Gift. The folding process, as Sara demonstrates, is both easy and pleasing.

The Kusudama structure is that of a dodecahedron and made with twelve pentagonal flowers. It can  be used as a holiday decoration or given as given as a handmade Christmas gift. Here is a video with instructions to put an origami Kusudama together. This will help you efficiently fold all the pieces you need to make your Kusudama. Once the pentagons have been cut, color can be applied to the paper for added effect as in this photograph below. I applied to this paper was oil pastel.

After laying on the color, I blended it by gentle rubbing with a cotton ball lightly dampened with a drop of -odorless- mineral spirits. Hola Liliana, por casualidad tengo un video en espannol para esta. Sabías que el sitie web de Origami Spirit tiene versión en español? What’s the thickness of the paper?

I don’t know the thickness in grams! Hey any chance of getting an English pdf of this design? I love your instructions and the oil pastels idea. Could you please share what paper you use, and if you can buy it online? English verbal instructions, and in HD. The flower is very pretty! I love the little star in the centre of it!