Past continuous exercises pdf

Past continuous tense – exercises with answers, pdf worksheets and grammar rules with examples. What was she doing at these times? What were doing at 7 o’clock? Past continuous exercises pdf saw Tim and Matt at the swimming pool.

Complete Sue’s questions to ask about them. Make questions to ask what Simon and his girlfriend were doing at a restaurant. Make negative statements and questions with words in brackets. Practise the difference between these two forms. Exercises with answers to download for free. Grammar rules with examples on all English tenses.

All these materials are written for students and teachers of English as a foreign language. Passive forms: It was finished. There are two types of English verbs in the past simple – regular and irregular verbs. See also how to make the past simple in the passive voice. Regular verbs usually end in -ed. This ending is the same for all persons, singular and plural.

The negative question normally expresses a surprise. We use this form for activities or situations that were completed at a definite time. I came home at 6 o’clock. When he was a child, he didn’t live in a house. When did they get married?

The time is not given in the sentence, but it is clear from a context that the action or situation was finished. He is 20 years old. He was born in Canada. We use it for repeated activities. We walked to school every day.