Pci compliance guide pdf

Test payment applications to address vulnerabilities and maintain pci compliance guide pdf application updates. Facilitate secure remote access to payment application.

Encrypt sensitive traffic over public networks. Secure all non-console administrative access. Maintain a PA-DSS Implementation Guide for customers, resellers, and integrators. Assign PA-DSS responsibilities for personnel, and maintain training programs for personnel, customers, resellers, and integrators. PA-DSS compliant, with the list updated to reflect compliant payment applications as they are developed. PA-QSAs conduct payment application reviews that help software vendors ensure that applications are compliant with PCI standards.

PABP moniker, PA-DSS was launched on April 15, 2008 and updated on October 15, 2008. PA-DSS then became retroactively distinguished as “version 1. In October 2009, PA-DSS v1. 1, to clarify applications to which PA-DSS applies. PA-DSS Program Guide, and clarify annual re-validation procedures in Part 3b.

In October 2010, PA-DSS 2. Update and implement minor changes from v1. 1 and align with new PCI DSS v2. Summary of Changes from PA-DSS Version 1. In November 2013, PA-DSS 3.

In May 2015, PA-DSS 3. Summary of Changes from PA-DSS Version 3. 1 for details of changes. In May 2016, version 3. 2 of the PA-DSS Program Guide and Standards were released. Congressional or legal focus on PA-DSS and on PCI SSC as an entity. The future of these standards is somewhat vague, with Congressional attention giving rise to the possibility of governmental intervention.

Regardless, meeting standards can prove expensive and time consuming for software vendors, with the current expense of PA-DSS certification outpacing other methods of compliance. Given the cost of compliance and certification, current or yet-undetermined alternatives could emerge in the PCI standards compliance market. PA-DSS Requirements and security assessment procedures. General program guide for QSAs. Requirements and Security Assessment Procedures Version 3.

Payment Application Data Security Standard Requirements and Security Assessment Procedures: Version 2. Payment Application Data Security Standard: Requirements and Security Assessment Procedures: Version 3. Summary of Changes from PA-DSS Version 2. Do the Payment Card Industry Data Standards Reduce Cybercrime? PA-DSS Requirements and Security Assessment Procedures v1.

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