Pokemon kalos region handbook pdf

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Its wing membranes are colored blue and it has a small fire on the tip of its tail. Its head is turned to the left and it is looking up toward the sky. They have later appeared in various merchandise, spinoff titles and animated and printed adaptations of the franchise. Charizard in both the Japanese and English-language versions of the anime. It has two other forms, Mega Charizards X and Y, which are its “Mega Evolution” forms.

Originally called “Lizardon” in Japanese, Nintendo decided to give the various Pokémon species “clever and descriptive names” related to their appearance or features when translating the game for western audiences as a means to make the characters more relatable to American children. As a result, they were renamed “Charizard”, a combination of the words “charcoal” or “char” and “lizard”. Tsunekazu Ishihara stated Charizard was expected to be popular with North American audiences because of their preference for strong, powerful characters. Charizards have two wings that are teal, while the back of it is orange, as with the most of its body. Its belly and soles are cream-colored, while their eyes are light blue in color.

They can breathe intense flames that can melt any material, but will never torch a weaker foe. If Charizard become angry, the flame at the tip of their tail can flare up in a whitish-blue color. When Charizard is Mega Evolved, it can take on one of two forms. In its “X” form, it gains the Dragon type, and its color scheme changes from orange and cream to black and blue. In its “Y” form, its appearance gets sharper with pointed horns and wings, and it is able to fly much higher. In the episode “Charmander – The Stray Pokémon” in which is the episode where Ash catches- or rather – befriends Charmander it is learnt that a Charmander or any of its evolutions die if their tail fire goes out.