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At distances out to 300 yards, it is one of the most accurate cartridges available. This cartridge’s accuracy is produced by a combination of its stout posture, being only 1. The cartridge ppc case study pdf enough acceptance that rifles chambered for it are available commercially. The purpose of Wikipedia is to present facts, not to train.

39mm can also be used, but . During the early development accuracy experts noted that perfectly concentric thickness of the cartridge neck were beneficial in lining up bullet to the bore – a feature mostly lacking in commercially available brass of the time. While the SAAMI specification for neck thickness in a 6mm cartridge is usually . 272 inches, it is common to see 6PPCs with . 269 custom neck sizes, hence modern factory ammunition is not commonly produced for the 6PPC as it would be dangerous to shoot in these custom chambers.

Method One does not apply—see Method Two. It is important to understand the characteristics of one’s chamber before starting. CHAMBER CASTING ALLOY or equivalent is a good way to accomplish this. Cartridge Case Preparation Method One: The . 220 Russian is expanded to . The shoulder of the . 220 Russian case is blown forward to 30 deg and the case walls are straightened, allowing for greater powder capacity.

Competitors will also turn their case neck walls to a uniform given thickness, so that a fully loaded cartridge’s neck diameter is just a few thousands of an inch less than that of the chamber’s neck. Add a VERY STOUT quantity of a fast burning pistol propellant, such as Bullseye to the case—many other propellants will work, but it MUST be a fast burning pistol propellant. For this cartridge 16 grains of Bullseye works rather well. Melt some paraffin wax into the lid of a jar, and when it solidifies, turn the lid over and press it over the neck of the loaded blank cartridge, making a seal that will both keep the propellant in the case and provide a very modest resistance to the propellant when it is fired. Place the cartridge into the rifle and fire to “fireform” the case. The muzzle blast will be most impressive!