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One of the important factors spurring Bangalore’s growth was heavy central government investment in Bangalore’s public sector industries, partially because it is geographically out-of-reach from India’s rivals Pakistan and China. This led to the concentration of technical and scientific navigator in Bangalore, and is a factor in leading the “IT revolution” in Bangalore. Founder of the Electronics City proposed the concept of developing the electronic city in the early 1970s it was met with skepticism but Chief Minister D. Devaraj Urs at that time supported him and approved the project.

IT companies in the United States. Baliga proposed the concept of developing the electronic city in the 1970s. Bangalore’s capacity to grow into a high technology hub, similar to the Silicon Valley. The publication also published interviews with IT industry professionals on the state of the IT industry in Bangalore and their perceptions of what lay ahead in the future. Bangalore has the ingredients to become Silicon Valley It is probably the only city in India that could become one. Bangalore’s IT industry grew during this period with the establishment of local and foreign IT companies. India’s Silicon Valley” which traced the growth of the IT industry in India and particularly in Bangalore.

The use of the term “Silicon Valley of India” to refer to Bangalore grew in local media and as time progressed, in international media too. An article entitled “Is the Next Silicon Valley Taking Root in Bangalore? Many multinational corporations, especially computer hardware and software giants, have operations in Bangalore. The city is home to more than 900 IT firms.

Inner Ring Road have emerged in the last few years. Electronic City was formed in 1978. India’s second and third largest software companies, are headquartered in Electronics City. Electronics City in 1991 by the Ministry of Information Technology.