Production of ethanol from starch pdf

2010, production of ethanol from starch pdf up from 1. 63 billion gallons in 2000.

The ethanol market share in the U. 1 percent in 2000 to more than 3 percent in 2006 to 10 percent in 2011. Domestic production capacity increased fifteen times after 1990, from 900 million US gallons to 1. 63 billion US gal in 2000, to 13. 5 billion US gallons in 2010.

209 ethanol distilleries in operation located in 29 states in 2011, and 140 under construction or expansion as of December 2011, that upon completion, would bring U. Most expansion projects are aimed to update the refinery’s technology to improve ethanol production, energy efficiency, and the quality of the livestock feed they produce. By 2011 most cars on U. By early 2013 there were around 11 million E85-capable vehicles on U. The EPA waiver authorizes, but does not require stations to offer E15.