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Celbridge was for a period the third largest town in County Kildare. The population increased by 7. In percentage terms it was a slowdown on previous growth rates which were at one stage the highest in Ireland. 2011, there were 19,537 people living in Celbridge. Of the 2006 population of 17,262. Of these 9,586 were single, 6,602 were married, 715 were widowed and 359 were separated.

16,980 who were recorded by the census as “usually resident in Celbridge” had been born in County Kildare. Celbridge’s substantial growth has created considerable traffic congestion. Much of this is attributed to the fact that there is only one bridge over the Liffey in the town, thus creating traffic bottlenecks. Lax enforcement of parking laws and a lack of adequate parking space are also blamed. Leixlip, was opened in 2003 to help address these traffic issues, with some success. Pay parking applies along Main St. Free parking is available at weekends.