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Download your digital PDF copy of 50 Shades Darker, the second book in the trilogy by E. The books’ vivid portrayal of love and passion between the two protagonists has pushed the creative boundaries of its readers. The star-crossed lovers discovered that they cannot live read fifty shades darker free pdf each other but still cannot understand one another.

The two reunited in this sequel filled with passion, love, and a lot of compromise. Christian is as bossy as ever, his domineering ways have put his and Ana’s relationship in a bind. Ana is thrown into a whirlwind of despair because of her relationship with Christian. But Christian makes amends by saying he will change for her.

Christian is reluctant to open himself up to her because of his dark past. The book reveals Christian’s dark and abusive past. Christian was abused as a child, which later formed his domineering character and need for someone to submit to him all the time. This abusive past has shunned him from any kind of meaningful relationship outside of him being the dominant partner, constantly getting what he wants. But his relationship with Ana and the strong feeling he has for him has slowly opened himself up to vulnerability. But everything that happened in-between and up to that moment, was filled with passion in every possible way, shape, form, and room. The adult nature of the series continues with this passion-filled sequel.