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Guess Papers All Subjects PDF, solved practice papers. Hope you have got the ISC 12th sample and model papers of all subjects that you were looking for by clicking rewire your brain pdf download links above.

If you desire to score in 90’s, then you ought to practice the sample papers and previous 5 to 10 years question papers. I have been saying this thing in almost every article of mine that, practicing sample papers and other practice papers can benefit students in many ways. The more sample papers you practice, the more comfortable you become in the exam to solve the question paper, your answering speed will also increase automatically which will save you more time to write quality answers. You will know the exact format of the question paper, and also, you get the ultimate instinct of recognizing important question in each chapter and solving them most effectively. There are numerous other benefits, and it will take a whole day to describe, but the important thing is that you do practice the sample papers. And to make it easy for you, in this article, I have covered ISC all subjects sample papers pdf files.

If you have downloaded all the sample papers, then you should start practicing them. But before you begin with it, here are some tips that will help you to practice them in a much better and effective way. There can be many ways to solve a practice paper, e. This way you will learn proper time management and techniques to write answers fast and effectively. But if you are not done yet with your syllabus and still want to practice the sample papers, then you should pick only the questions related to the chapter or topic that you are currently preparing. This way you will know all the important questions and points that you need to focus on that particular topic. Just solving the sample papers is not enough, you should also do some research on them.

I read a topper’s interview in which he said that, while practicing the sample papers and previous years questions papers he noticed that some questions were asked in a fixed format, like in maths paper the question no. 4 was always from trigonometry. So, this way he knew exactly how the question paper was going to be. You should also notice such things, they can be really very beneficial. Also, while practicing the guess papers note the different ways in which the questions are asked.

A question can be asked in many ways, therefore, you should try to anticipate maximum ways in which a question may come in exam. Once you complete the syllabus, make sure that you solve at least two or three sample papers as if they are your final exam papers. It will give you the idea how much speed you should maintain in order to complete the question paper, and it will also improve your instincts to tackle an unknown problem in short time. So these are some points that you should keep in mind while practicing the sample and model papers. I am sure you can discover much more if you use your brain more effectively. The 12th final exam time is the most crucial time in a student’s life, as this time decide the fate of a student, therefore, it is very important that you utilize this time very carefully.