Role of government in entrepreneurship development pdf

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Support to Entrepreneurs, Entrepreneurship Development Programmes. Medium Enterprises, Project Management, Identification of Business. Entrepreneurs and New Perspectives in Entrepreneurship Education. Laws, and Part C: Entrepreneurship. Americans from before the Civil War to the present. Economists and businessmen have no doubts that private sector is in a lot of ways much more efficient and effective than the public one, but few common people share this opinion.

To fulfill this task, business has to be very flexible and constantly research consumer demands: what’s the point producing something that nobody wants to buy? More than that, most jobs business helps create are productive jobs, i. But don’t forget: income that business provides is by no means restricted to the profit its owners get. It pays salaries and wages to its employees, and this way, makes the whole business world go round: they spend the money they earn buying all kinds of goods and favour further development of business ventures. High level of competition makes it vital for both businessmen and their employees to be involved in the constant process of learning and developing their personal qualities such as creativity, determination, communication skills and vision for new business opportunities.

So you see, that despite public opinion on this matter, business is not all that selfish. Setting goals, and then working to achieve them, is a sign of maturity and responsibility in a society, just as it is a sign of maturity in an individual. What goals have people set for themselves in their economic life? And how well are these goals being achieved?

These are the questions discussed in this handout. We want to make full use of the productive resources that are available -labour, capital and natural resources -and use these resources efficiently. How well are we achieving the goal of full employment and full production? But when millions of people are unnecessarily unemployed, it means they are not making a productive contribution to the country and they are not earning an income. We want the economy to become bigger and better through the years. We measure the amount of our national output of goods and services by looking at statistics of Gross National Product.