Selenium webdriver practical guide pdf download

We introduced the tool selenium webdriver practical guide pdf download discussed about its features. Let us discuss it in detail. Selenium was so developed in order to support dynamic web pages and Ajax calls.

It also supports various drivers to exercise web-based mobile testing. When the user wishes to execute test scripts on the remote machine. When the user wishes to execute test scripts on multiple platforms. It utilizes the browser’s native compatibility to automation without using any peripheral entity.

With the increasing demand, it has gained a large popularity, user base and has become by far one of the most extensively used open source automation testing tools. GUI-less mode and the user won’t be able to view the test script execution. Said that the test script execution transpires in headless mode, thus the execution speed takes a roll and quickens the execution. Earlier in the sessions, we learned to create scripts using record and playback functionality. We also saw how to create them manually using Selenese commands. While creating such test scripts, we come across various constraints. The above impediments can be troubleshot programmatically.

Other tools from Selenium suite like Selenium RC don’t communicate directly with the web browser. Hence, this sort of twisted communication results as a hindrance on execution speed. It helps us to deal with complex types of web elements like checkboxes, dropdowns, and alerts with the help of dynamic finders. It provides two of the essentials drivers to perform web-based mobile testing.