Silk n flash and go manual pdf

PINBALL: Repair Bally 6803 Pinball Silk n flash and go manual pdf 1985-1989. Support this Pinball Repair Website! It costs money to provide this information.

We do in-home pinball repair in Michigan. Copyright 2003-2017 all rights reserved. All pictures and text are by Clay Harrell, except where noted. Internet Availability of this Document. YOU SHOULD NOT TRY TO FIX YOUR OWN PINBALL GAME! NOT repair your circuit board after it has been unsuccessfully repaired by you.

Game Boots But Won’t Start! Bibliography and Credit Where Credit is Due. Many of the ideas in this repair guide are not original. Duncan provided lots of tips and tricks.

Some people question whether I wrote all this material myself. I’ll add you to the list of contributors above. What Repair Experience Is Expected? Little experience in fixing pinballs is assumed. Schematics – REQUIRED FOR THIS SYSTEM OF GAMES. Bally 6803 games absolutely require a game manual.