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Eccles as president, and Dee as vice president. 1891 and successful by 1897. The first annual report to Ogden Sugar stockholders was made March sugar factory information pdf, 1899, and “was a forerunner of subsequent annual reports made in equally depressing language the beginning of lamentations by David Eccles.

1900, and Eccles also reported the competition from Utah Sugar caused the market to be entirely saturated, so they began marketing outside of the region. The factory was apparently built by 1902. The Ogden Sugar and Logan Sugar companies were consolidated on July 3, 1902, becoming known as the Amalgamated Sugar Company. Amalgamated Sugar, which was accepted by the other directors of Amalgamated. On January 2, 1903, the first report from Amalgamated Sugar indicated the company processed 97119 tons of sugar beets into 10626 tons of sugar during 1902.

As with previous years, sugar beet production in Oregon was poor, at least partly due to the lack of irrigation. On June 2, 1903, Charles Nibley and others incorporated the Lewiston Sugar Company. Charles Nibley as president, Lewis as vice president, and Charles W. In late 1903, due to difficulties financing a factory, the Lewiston Sugar Company was sold. The Lewiston factory was built in 1905 by Dyer’s construction company. Amalgamated Sugar in 1903, as well as Lewiston Sugar, as already mentioned. The sugar beet blight drastically affected the Ogden and Logan area plants in 1905.

A large crop in 1909, combined with low capacity of the Ogden factory, caused 31,000 tons of sugar beets to be shipped to the Logan and Lewiston plants at great expense. To avoid this in the future, daily capacity was increased from 350 to 550 tons. Nibley had been the president since 1904 and David Eccles as general manager, Eccles was actually operating the company. Eccles was elected president in 1910 with Nibley as vice president, which was the start of a rift between Eccles and Nibley. Ogden, were destroyed in a fire on November 11, 1911, except for some records stored elsewhere in a fireproof vault.

25,358 tons of sugar were produced from 207,022 tons of sugar beets in 1911. Burley was selected in late 1911, and the factory was operating by October 21, 1912. The first year of the Burley factory had a higher production than any of the previous fourteen years in La Grande. Rolapp was elected president of Amalgamated Sugar in March 1913.