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The character and casting were announced in January 2004 when it was announced that producers were bringing “four new single ‘hunks'” into the show, one of them being Carl. Lister made his first appearance on the show on 6 February tempted megan hart pdf download. Carl who would arrive first after securing a job in Tate Haulage. Carl is a bit of a womanizer and a ladies’ man.

As one of the younger King brothers he’s always had to fight for his place in the family. He’s also commitment phobic, and despite apparently finding his perfect match in Chas, his eyes wandered onto Eve and he wrecked what could have been a beautiful relationship. Carl has a bad temper on him and has been responsible for two accidental deaths – so he’s not one to be crossed”. It’s one of those things that I think is to do with the chemistry on screen and the fieriness of their relationship. When they are together, it works. The chemistry is great and the passion is obviously there between the two of them. But then they can go to the other extreme when they are screaming at one another and wanting to smack each other’s heads in.

Tom Lister on why Carl and Chas’ pairing proved to be popular. Carl and Chas end their relationship. So Chas chose her son”. Pargeter said that Chas loves Paddy as a friend and she could not “love anybody the way she loved – or still loves – Carl, really”. She added that Chas has “never moved on because there was never closure” in the relationship.

Lister said that Lexi proposes as she knows “there’s something there between Carl and Chas and Lexi’s envious of that. Obviously Lexi knows that Carl killed his father, but she doesn’t know that Chas was the reason. Lexi decides to go all-guns blazing and propose. I think rather than being backed into a corner, part of Carl thinks that if Chas has knocked him back, he’ll try and do right by Lexi”.

Lister told Kris Green of Digital Spy that Carl enters the relationship with the best intentions instead of “wishing he was with Chas all the time” who will always be in the “background”. The actor said that viewers would be unsure whether Carl would go through with the wedding to Lexi or whether Carl would instead reunite with Chas. On his wedding day to Lexi, Carl tells Chas that he can not marry Lexi because he still loves her. Pargeter explained that “Chas is completely screwed up by the revelation” and is “desperate to get things back on track with Carl, but she’s got Aaron to contend with. So Carl pours his heart out and she has to be as strong as she can”.