The cuckoo calling pdf

His birth father’s business agent is calling in a loan that he gave to Strike to open his office. Lula Landry who had fallen from her balcony three months previously. Bristow wants Strike to investigate his sister’s supposed suicide, convinced that this is the cuckoo calling pdf. Bristow’s other sibling, a brother named Charlie, had been a schoolmate of Strike before his death, which came when he fell into a quarry while riding on his bicycle.

Strike also meets Robin Ellacott, who has been sent by an agency to act as his temporary secretary, despite the fact he can barely afford her services. Robin has just become engaged to her longtime boyfriend Matthew, with a wedding set for December of that year. Although Strike only hires her for one week, she turns out to be much more competent than he expected, and they end up extending her stay. Strike is initially unconvinced by John Bristow’s claims, having read the extensive media coverage following her death, and he is unwilling to reopen such a thoroughly investigated case.

Each character recounts their recollections of Lula as Strike comes to realise that the circumstances of her death are more murky than he had at first imagined. Strike is especially intrigued by the statement of Tansy Bestigui, Lula’s downstairs neighbour, who says she heard Lula fighting with a man before falling from the balcony. It is clear to Strike she could not have heard it from two floors below through the triple glazed windows of her flat, so her statement had initially been dismissed. C outside when her husband had pushed her outside, after catching her using cocaine. He had demanded she remain silent, as he was fearful of being arrested for abusing Tansy, and attempting to pervert the course of justice.