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1974, a the old man who read love stories book pdf of 59 years. In a conversation with a policeman in “Jeeves and the Kid Clementina”, Jeeves refers to himself as both a “gentleman’s personal gentleman” and a “personal gentleman’s gentleman. However, Bertie Wooster has lent out Jeeves as a butler on several occasions, noting that “if the call comes, he can buttle with the best of them. Jeeves becomes Bertie Wooster’s guardian and all-purpose problem solver, devising subtle plans to save Bertie and his friends from boring social obligations, demanding relatives, issues with the law, and, above all, problems involving women.

Wodehouse derives much comic effect from having Bertie, his narrator, remain blissfully unaware of Jeeves’s machinations, until all is revealed at the end of the story. His mental prowess is attributed to eating fish, according to Wooster, who often offers the dish to Jeeves. Perhaps his most impressive and useful area of expertise is a flawless knowledge of the British aristocracy. Jeeves has distinct ideas about how an English gentleman should dress and behave, and sees it as his duty to impart these values to his employer. Jeeves’s problem-solving ability often includes a discreet means to dispose of the offending item.

In the Junior Ganymede club book, all members must record the foibles of their employers to forewarn other butlers and valets. The section labelled “Wooster, Bertram” is the largest in the book. Jeeves informs Wooster that he has destroyed the eighteen pages, anticipating that he will never leave the latter’s employment. Wooster hears another valet greet Jeeves with “Hullo, Reggie. The readers may have been surprised to learn Jeeves’s first name, but Wooster was stunned by the revelation “that he had a first name” in the first place. Wodehouse felt needed a more conventional ending, although he was unwilling to marry Wooster off.