The role of first language in second language learning pdf

This suggests that infants are able to learn statistical relationships between syllables even with very limited exposure to a language. That is, infants learn which syllables are always paired together and which the role of first language in second language learning pdf only occur together relatively rarely, suggesting that they are parts of two different units.

This method of learning is thought to be one way that children learn which groups of syllables form individual words. One important contribution to infants’ understanding of segmenting words from a continuous stream of speech is their ability to recognize statistical regularities of the speech heard in their environments. Although many factors play an important role, this specific mechanism is powerful and can operate over a short time scale. There is no clear demarcation where one word ends and the next begins. This lack of segmentation between linguistic units presents a problem for young children learning language, who must be able to pick out individual units from the continuous speech streams that they hear. One proposed method of how children are able to solve this problem is that they are attentive to the statistical regularities of the world around them.