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In spite of these efforts, however, the BBC reiterated that they would not be producing a second series. George Mottershead lives in the flat above his father Albert’s grocery shop with his wife Lizzie and their daughters Muriel and June. Lucy is frustrated that George still lives with them and wants him and his family to move out. The three animals are kept in the family’s small backyard, and while the neighbours are willing to pay to see them, the grocery shop gets fewer customers. Inspired by a conversation about wildlife with Lady Katherine Longmore, he plans to convert the Oakfield estate into a zoo where animals would not be behind bars.

3,000 loan from the bank. The Mottersheads move into the Manor, and agree to keep their plans a secret from the people of Upton for the first few months. George tells the family about the offer, Lizzie, Muriel and Lucy refuse to let him bring them to the Manor. Despite this, George still returns to Matlock to collect the bears, accompanied by Lizzie’s brother Billy Atkinson. While he is away, Lizzie visits Chester Council and tries to file for planning permission to build the zoo, while also making changes to George’s plans for the zoo’s layout. In Upton, the community start to gossip about the Mottersheads due to their secretive behaviour, and local reverend Aaron Webb suspects illegal activity.

When June starts school, Webb convinces her to tell him about her family, and she goes on a tangent about the various animals they own, including the camel and the bears. Webb then goes to the Chester Council and encourages councilman Ronald Tipping to have the zoo shut down before it is completed. As word spreads about the zoo, the Mottershead family are met with harsh backlash from the people of Upton, who are strongly opposed to the idea and start a campaign to prevent the zoo from opening. However, George is undeterred by the criticisms and appears at a town meeting to promote the zoo, but the villagers are unconvinced and the Mottersheads gain a bad reputation in the village, leading to June being bullied at school. Despite this, George writes a letter to Chester Council detailing their plans and starts digging a trench to surround the bear enclosure, while Albert and Muriel complete an aviary built around an old gazebo and transfer all the small birds into it. Local shopkeeper Mrs Radler visits Katherine Longmore and tries to convince her to side with Upton in the debate, but Katherine disregards her and continues to show support for the Mottersheads.

At Chester Council, Ronald Tipping receives George’s letter, but decides not to read it. Newspaper journalist Tim Gascoigne visits Oakfield Manor to interview the Mottersheads about the zoo, but he takes their words out of context and publishes a negative article slandering their venture. George lead the penguins to Oakfield on foot. The villagers are entertained by this and follow them, and when they arrive Albert strikes a water pipe to flood the trench, converting it into a pool for the penguins.