The virtue of selfishness pdf free download

The Virtue of Selfishness, the virtue of selfishness pdf free download edition. Cerf asked that Rand choose a different title essay.

The book contains 19 essays, 14 of them written by Rand and five by Branden, plus an introduction written by Rand. Rand and Branden had launched in 1962. The exception was the book’s first essay, “The Objectivist Ethics”, which was a paper Rand delivered at the University of Wisconsin during a symposium on “Ethics in Our Time”. The Objectivist Ethics” explains the foundations of Rand’s ethical theory. Her other essays engage a variety of ethical topics, often challenging common perspectives on such issues as compromise and moral judgment. Branden’s essays, such as “Counterfeit Individualism” and “The Psychology of Pleasure”, present a more psychology-focused view of morality.