Upsc test series free download pdf

Please upsc test series free download pdf this error screen to bh-in-4. Insights provides free test series and mock multiple choice questions for practice every day to help serious IAS aspirants in India. Will try my best to come up with a plan within Three days. Sir where is the plan?

No questions are being posted since 8 may and today is 13 may ? Hi Sir, Any strategy has been roll out on this. It will be really helpful for all aspirants. INSIGHT’s Please upload a plan for prelim for remaining 3 months including some tests. I am sure you will come up with something very productive. Many people with their so called internal sources are saying that UPSC is planning to REMOVE THE OPTIONAL.

Can you please share what changes in prelims you have heard about? I used to check daily whether u had posted a new plan for prelims . Questions for today not uploaded yet or i am not able to view? However, u can refer last year to have a rough idea.

Is it true that gs daily answer writing has been stopped. Sir please post questions on gs daily answer writing challenge. Wen we can hope to get secure prelim questions Uploaded. Sir, Please provide us with the Questions. It has been a commendable job by you till now and we don’t want to break this streak. PLEASE POST QUESTION FOR PRE AND PHILOSOPHY OPTIONAL. Is there anything we all can help it out.