Written in bone pdf

Bone wax is most commonly supplied in sterile sticks, and usually requires softening before it can be applied. The material was useful for bleeding control in cut or damaged bone where it written in bone pdf be pressed into bleeding pores and channels.

This material soon became the standard of care for bleeding control in bone for general orthopedics, craniomaxillofacial and cardio-thoracic surgery where the sternum is often split longitudinally to provide access to the heart. In addition, bone wax is not soluble in the bodily fluids and thus remains at the site of implantation for long periods of time if not indefinitely. The portion of traditional bone wax which departs the implant site is most likely carried away through the action of the foreign body response and is associated with a low grade inflammatory response at and near the implant site. The residual product can also potentially serve as a nidus for post-operative infection.