Zyxel wap3205 v2 manual pdf

ZyXEL USG 300 is Unified Security Gateway engineered to design to make packet-forwarding decisions based on multiple criteria. Click zyxel wap3205 v2 manual pdf to jump to more pricing!

The ZyXEL USG 300 is a fully-fledged security gateway which encompasses a complete range of progressive security solutions. It is ideal for SMB customers with up to 75 PC users and – thanks to its highly flexible configuration – it gives administrators the power to set up networks efficiently including the implementation of extensive security policies. Security on a New Level – The Future Is Ahead. Stay Ahead with ZyXEL USGs. Utilizing networks to access internal and external mission-critical applications are common, and important as well, for small and medium-sized businesses. 2000 Series are security platforms that offers ultra-high performance, deep packet inspection and all-in-one multi-threat protection not only to block the latest attack combinations including intrusion attempts, viruses, worms, phishing, spyware, spam and many other malware types effectively, but also to secure remote access among branch offices, partners and customers. The USG’s real-time threat detection and continuous update services provide the fastest response speed in the networking industry to deter the evolving security threats before the business is affected.

2000 Series is ideal for small- and medium-size businesses to safeguard their network environments. 2000 Series delivers wire-speed performance and integrated threat management for wired networks. The USG Series provides firewall throughputs of from 350 Mbps to 2 Gbps that enables businesses to protect critical applications and networks without affecting availability or performance. In addition, the USG’s unique built-in clean-traffic architecture can prevent risks such as viruses, worms, Trojan Horses, spyware, phishing attacks and other emerging Internet threats. In short, the architecture can assure clean and secure network environments for business users.

With IPv6 feature enabled, the USG Series ensures businesses with a smooth migration path from the IPv4-based networks to the full IPv6 infrastructure. It assigns IPv6 addresses to clients and passes the IPv6 traffics through the IPv4 environment. Internet connectivity to access IPv6 applications. The comprehensive IPv6 features built into the USG Series ensure not only future-ready connectivity but also investment protection for businesses. Establishing VPN tunnels is a good solution to provide a safe way to access necessary network resources remotely with any device anytime, anywhere. However due to the complicated configuration, it could be quite difficult for non-technical employees such as sales people to use.